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#ASKFREDLAM SHOW – EPISODE 014 | Powerful Strategy To Get FREE Traffic To Your Website

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Last night’s episode, we spoke about how to get FREE traffic to your website.

Stephen & Kotton from OMG Machines was generous to spend their time and methods with us. Here is the main word for last night’s episode: Coupons. That’s right, coupons! Stephen spoke about two approaches you can use to quadruple your chance of not having an ‘abandon cart’ in your store.

#AskFredLam is a full hour ‘LIVE’ Q&A session. Catch me every Tuesday,  5 Pm Pacific Time/8 Pm Eastern Time on my YouTube channel or Facebook Page.

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Q&A From #AskFredLam Episode 014

[1:33:48] Flora asked, “Do you suggest you have a coupon page on your store that is visible to your customers?”

I do not suggest it based on what I’ve learned from Steven. You want the coupon to be on those coupon sites so it actually gets traffic back into your website. That’s what you want it to do

[1:34:20] “Which coupon app do you recommend on Shopify?”

Shopify actually have it at the end of the day. You can actually see inside Shopify. It’s under discounts. You can actually create your own coupon code right in there. Basically, you don’t even need an app, if you actually create that coupon, I’m not sure why you would actually need it, because Shopify actually have that itself already.

[1:34:45] Jenna said, “How do you we know how much Coupon offers?”

Inside Shopify, you can actually see it. Inside Shopify, it will say how many people actually got the coupon, and all that other stuff. It actually shows in there.

[1:35:01] Muhammad asked, “Is the $6.99 for 12 months, or $6.99 per month for 12 months?”

It’s $6.99 per month for 12 months, because it’s a Mastermind group.

[1:35:18] ShinAnime asked, “Can you use customers’ pictures on AlliExpress on your product pages?”

You want to double check with your vendor. If you vendor says yes, then go ahead and do it.

[1:35:41] Kreen asked, “What if I post items on AlliExpress on my website, but what if Alli Express sues you for doing this?”

AlliExpress doesn’t care. They care about the money being made, and a majority of time AlliExpress vendors are really Ali Baba owners or Ali Baba vendors, as well. They’re the manufacturers themselves, so they want more sells, too, and they would love it if basically they get more sells at the end of the day. So it doesn’t really matter that way.

[1:36:10] Du asked, “If I have two pixel on my site, everything is mixed up, does Pixel Bay help?”

I’m not sure why you would have two pixels on your site. At the end of the day, if you have installed or put in the pixel ID right into your Shopify store, through the Shopify method, that’s all you really need. You don’t really need anything else. Now, Pixel Bay just makes it even smarter, so it can go and really put into play on what exactly what product that was really bought off of Facebook, and you tell Facebook exactly what to do.

[1:36:53] Ollie asked, “Any good USA dropshippers?”

One of the ones, I would say, is is a great one, too, that you can really look at in going from there.

[1:37:05] Regan said, “I’m from Malaysia, I qualify to be an affiliate marketer in Quick Bank or Amazon.”

I’m not really going to suggest you to become an affiliate on Amazon, because you don’t make a lot of points or margins. But what I do suggest is Quick Bank for Malaysians. That’s going to be fine.

[1:37:26] Tan said, “Hi, Fred. Do we have to use only connected to wi-fi placement of your video ads?”

I would suggest you to do it, only because, again, a lot of people don’t even have a data plan, and if you’re serving a video ad to a person that is on the road and they’re using their data plan, chances are they’re not going to watch the video. That’s something that you really want to consider about that.

[1:37:50] Karen said, “It always show a sales price for three or five days, et cetera. What happens when a sales goes up? Do we have to pay for the higher regular price?”

What I would suggest you to do, Karen, is to talk to the vendor and say, “Hey, I’m going to be sending you sales on a consistent basis. Please honor the same pricing.” That’s what you want to do.

[1:38:12] Lisa said, “In your video on analyzing data, you say the CPA needs to be 2x your goal. What do you mean?  For example, cost of good, $2.80, price $9.97 multiply my 1.5, 10.95. What is it to reach my goal? Does that mean that the cost per acquisition needs to be … ” 

What I mean by that is that, if your cost per acquisition … So let’s say that you’re selling a product for $10, your cost of good is $5, so really you’re making a $5 profit from that order. Now, if you’re running ads, and your ads are basically getting your cost per purchase over $10, then you want to move on to the next phase, what you need to optimize for your ads. That’s what I mean, okay? That’s what you want to look into.

[1:39:02] Juan said, “Advice for people that love your videos and would love to do e-commerce but are dead broke?”

One thing that I would actually say is set aside $100 or $200 a months like from your savings or from whatever and invest it ads or invest it into these Mastermind stuff with OMG. Because at the end of the day you need to know you have to pay to play. That’s the nature of businesses. Can you really go from debt zero right away and start running stuff? You have to say that there’s no such thing. You have to put some skin in the game. Now, if you’re like I’m on a tight budget, well, what you do is just take a $100 every single month from your savings and use it towards your business, like run ads, because running on Facebook is only requiring $5 a day, and that’s all you really do, and that’s all you really need.

[1:40:10] PartHuman said, “Hi, Fred. Do you know what product is selling for someone and you don’t get any sell from any assets, should you create more assets with different targeting? How far would you go?”

So if I know for a fact that that person is really selling, and it’s just that the targeting isn’t right, then I would keep testing the targeting. It may be really just the targeting that is really affecting things.

[1:40:39] Algarno said, “Can I get someone from Zero Up to look at my store to perfect it?”

If you are in our Zero Up community, just post your link on there, and then there’s a lot of people who would give you a comment and tell you exactly what you need to do.

[1:41:01] Tasmin asked, “Is Pixel Bay only relevant for general store and not for niche store? Also, can you use it for a store that has not any sells for it, for a product that has not had sales yet?”

Tasmin, Pixel Bay for niche store and general store at the same time.

[1:41:22] Omix asked, “What if the item shipped by AlliExpress to my customers on my site has written AlliExpress tags on top of it, and does they send you a memo, too?”

You want to tell the vendor specifically not to put any invoice or put any information on it. Usually, when you tell them that, they won’t do it.

[1:41:41] Greg Garrick asked, “What extension can you use to see all items with e-packing on AlliExpress?”

There isn’t really an extension, but we have that inside Zero Up, our software. We actually can do that.

[1:42:14] Tasmin said, “Can you use Pixel Bay for a store that has not had sales for 28 days?”

Yeah, that’s fine. It’s just moving on forward, use it, then it will rule it perfect and understand what is going on. Facebook will then optimize based on the product and versions that you have created off of Pixel Bay.

[1:42:32] Edwardo said, “As always, I hope you’re doing great. When we are creating the band page used for Chat Manic, should we create it from the business manager, or can we create the normal profile?”

You would actually want to create a Facebook fan page. It doesn’t matter if you create it from the normal profile. But I would actually ask you to tag it with your business manager account.

[1:42:54] Ollie asked, “When do you know when to kill an ad? Do you look at the CPC?”

Ollie, I have the full level of optimization on forward data that you want to look for the forward data points. So take a look at it inside my video training, and you’ll see exactly what it is.

[1:43:11] PartHuman said, “Is there a way to start by a latest sale on order status in Zero Up?”

Currently, there isn’t, but we’re making some modifications to that.

[1:43:20] ElleDi said, “What is Pixel Bay?”

Pixel Bay, if you go to my YouTube channel, and you’ll see a video about Pixel Bay, watch it. In fact, I think it was episode number 12 that I really talked about Facebook Pixel. So go to my YouTube channel and watch it, and go from there.

[1:43:51] TanWei asked, “Hi, Fred. Let’s say if my full matrix numbers is good for 3×3 strategy and I want to scale up Facebook ads, should I expand my audience?”

What you want to do is increase your budget and at the same time expand your audience. Take your winning ad and winning targeting, and then create a new asset that is basically relevant to the interest that is working. Let’s say you’re going after Nike and it’s working, and then people who like Adidas will more likely be with Nike at the same time. So you want to go after Adidas, and then simply use back the ad that was working for Nike. I hope that really makes sense and you understand that.

[1:44:44] XianAnime asked, “Hi, Fred. A pressing question. No e-packet. Is AlliExpress status good, too?”

No, you’ll have to use e-package, okay? It’s very, very important. You have to use e-package.

[1:44:59] Lady said, “How many Shopify stores can we use for Pixel Bay?”

Unfortunately, it’s only one Pixel Bay account per Shopify store.

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