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#AskFredLam Show – Episode 38 | Full Questions & Answers Session

This past #AskFredLam Show Episode 38, we had a great Q&A session!  Please review the following and note that I’ve put on the time stamp for your convenience. 🙂 And lastly, the bad news, this was my last #AskFredLam Webinar. I will be taking a month break, but will be back in November! [9:24] Trisha – “Dear Fred, please help. If I want to use the purchase standard event…” Okay, so we’re talking about Facebook Ad right now, “How do I sort the one purchase event code for the different product during an ad campaign? I think previously you...

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#AskFredLam Show – Episode 37 | $107k Per Month On Autopilot Training

Last Tuesday on my #AskFredLam Show Episode 037, was a SPECIAL TRAINING session. I invited an underground expert and 7-figure marketer that has been silently making MILLIONS online while he travels! His name is Adam Short. Adam Short is pulling back the curtain and revealing a brutally effective niche marketing method that rakes in over $100,000 per month in totally automated profits and showing you step-by-step how to launch your own passive income generators in less than 24 hours. Here’s a sneak peek at what Adam will be covering Here’s a sneak peek at what Adam will be covering this...

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#AskFredLam Show – Episode 36 | How AOV Affects All Businesses Including Shopify Stores

Last Tuesday on my #AskFredLam Show Episode 036, I wanted to speak more on how AOV affects all businesses including Shopify stores. Also as a business owner, it’s very important to understand how AOV works. AOV stands for: Average Order Value. Please watch this video as I walk you through how I’ve applied this to all of my businesses! What are #AskFredLam Shows? #AskFredLam is a full hour ‘LIVE’ Q&A session. Catch me every Tuesday,  5 Pm Pacific Time/8 Pm Eastern Time on my YouTube channel or Facebook Page. Every week on #AskFredLam, I will give away $500 Zero Up™ Funds to a lucky...

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#AskFredLam Show – Episode 34 | The #1 Takeaway From My Trip To Facebook’s Office

Last night on my #AskFredLam Show Episode 034, I wanted to share with you the #1 takeaway from my trip to Facebook’s office. Technically, I can’t share everything with you, since I signed a waiver. BUT, will share as much as I can! 🙂 Facebook has announced that they have 2 billion users worldwide! And within that 2 billion users, are a lot of business owners who are advertising within Facebook! You will be competing with other advertisers (auction) and be paying by Cost By Click. Check out the video for more detail, as I have explained and drawn...

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#AskFredLam Show – Episode 33 | How $100 Turns Into $2K with Amazon Without A Product

This past Tuesday on my #AskFredLam Show Episode 033, it was a great pleasure to have Ty Cohen on the show. Ty was on the show, to teach you how $100 turns into $2K with Amazon without a product! Watch the video and Ty will show you how publishing short 20 page eBooks on can be a highly profitable, east and extremely lucrative way to generate income, leads and massive commissions for years and years to come, without our competition ever knowing how you did it.   What are #AskFredLam Shows? #AskFredLam is a full hour ‘LIVE’ Q&A...

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